Monday, July 3, 2017

Digging Up the Past Questions

This week, campers are learning all about both archaeology and paleontology! Here are some questions you can ask your campers after each day...

On Monday, we will explore the differences and similarities between paleontology and archaeology! Ask me...

  • Whether a paleontologist or archeologist would be looking for a dinosaur bone
  • Which fossil I chose to paint!
  • How my papyrus turned out
On Tuesday, have a happy July 4th!! 

On Wednesday, we will be focusing on archeology and learning about ancient civilizations, with a focus on Egypt! You can ask me...
  • How I made my pyramid
  • What I wrote on my papyrus
  • My favorite fact about ancient Egypt!
On Thursday, we will shift our focus to paleontology and have a day surrounding dinosaurs! Ask me...
  • My favorite stop on the dino tour!
  • How big Ultrasaurus macIntosh was
  • What my dino diorama looks like
On Friday, we will be pulling together all that we learned and going on a mock archeological dig outside. You can ask me...
  • What I found on the digsite!
  • How I designed the bead on my story necklace
  • What I loved most about camp!

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