Monday, July 10, 2017

Outdoor Explorers Questions

Hi Camp Families, welcome to a week full of outdoor fun! There may be rain in the forecast, but that won't stop us from having a great time! Here are some questions you can ask your children about what they did each day of camp...

On Monday, campers will be learning and practicing survival skills. Ask me...

  • How to read a compass
  • If my shelter survived the windstorm!
  • Which kind of shelter I would rather live in
On Tuesday, campers will learn about animals and how their tracks and scat could be helpful in a survival situation. Ask me...
  • Which footprint I made a mold of
  • What I learned about animal scat
  • How I made my own compass!
  On Wednesday, we hope to go to Arb to learn all about wetlands with specialists from Matthei Botanical Gardens. Please have your child bring shoes that can get wet, another pair they can change into afterwards, and a raincoat. If the weather does not fall in our favor, we will stay at the museum and learn about wetlands here. Ask me...
  • What I learned about wetlands!
On Thursday, campers will learn all about plants. Ask me...
  • How I know which plants are edible
  • How I made a plant press!
  • The most interesting plant adaptation I learned about
On Friday, we will be putting together our outdoor skills, as well as learning a few new ones. Ask me...
  • What I got at the end of my compass scavenger hunt!
  • How to purify water
  • What I wrote on my message in the bottle
  • What I loved most about camp

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