Friday, July 14, 2017

Wild Adaptations

This week we went wild for adaptations! Check out all of the awesome things we did this week.

On Monday, campers had the chance to make their own animals. They first made a venn diagram of their two favorite animals and then made a new creature that had adaptations from both!


They also played a natural selection game to see what adaptations worked best! It didn't take long to see that using hands to pick up bingo chips works a lot better than chopsticks. 


On Tuesday, campers learned all about oceanic animals. First, they learned where different animals lived in the sea. Then they got to draw them in their different zones!

They also got to fashion a fish. Using different adaptations, they were able to create their own unique fish!


Lastly, they got to become fish themselves! They each made an angler fish hat that allows them to see deep in the ocean.  

On Wednesday, campers learned all about camouflage. First, they made butterflies that could be hidden and then found by others.

They also made some flying lizards that could be sent soaring into the sky!

Camouflage isn't always good. Campers got to see how turtles might confuse plastic bags for jellyfish.

They also got to have some fun with the stream table!

Thursday, campers got to talk to a real deep sea scientist over skype! They asked a lot of really good questions. 


They also played a game called Funky Monkeys. Chance decided which monkeys got to reproduce and which had to go to funky monkey heaven. It was cool to see how natural selection works in the wild!

Lastly, they made nocturnal mammals with different adaptations to help them in the dark.



On Friday, campers had the chance to look for animals in their wild habitats and write about them in their biomedex. 



They also engineered animal for different habitats. The goal was to have an animal with at least one moving part. 

Campers made desert wheels to see what kind of animals can be seen during the night and day too!

Finally, they got the chance to be different desert animals and compete against each other in a relay. Who knew sidewinders could be so much faster than moles!

We hope your campers had as wild of a time this week as we did!

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