Friday, July 7, 2017

Digging Up the Past

Day 1

Today, campers learned about the differences between paleontologists and archaeologists, then practiced that skill by sorting artifacts and fossils.

They then went on a fossil hunt on our 2nd floor, searching for a trilobite, ammonite, crinoid, and shark. Campers then painted a cast of their own fossils.

Later, campers stuck and weaved together their own papyrus, which they will design on Wednesday after it has time to dry.

Day 2

We hope you had a nice holiday!!

Day 3

Today, campers learned all about ancient Egypt through a video and board game full of trivia!

They also went back to their dry papyrus and drew their own hieroglyphics on it, using many of the same symbols use by ancient Egyptians. 

Later, campers made their own pyramids. Some campers built pyramids out of paper, while others strung straws with string and built pyramids that way.


Day 4

Today campers finished up their activities about of ancient Egypt, and then shifted focus to paleontology!

Campers designed and put together their own Egyptian collar necklaces, like those worn by pharaohs. 

Some preferred styling their collar necklaces other ways...

Campers then received a tour of our 2nd floor prehistoric life exhibit area.

They also built a diorama for their own toy dinosaur after learning about different dino diets.

Day 5

On our last day of camp, campers made their own "story necklace" beads with clay. 

After their beads dried, campers drew on them and made a necklace.

They then conducted a mock archaeological dig, in which they mapped, gridded, and took notes on what they found there. They then brainstormed ideas on what could have happened at that site.

We hope your campers had fun with us this week!!

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