Monday, July 17, 2017

Astronomy Adventures Questions

Welcome to a week of astronomy fun!! This week, campers will learn all about the stars, planets, and solar system around them. Here are some questions you can ask your campers each day after camp:

On Monday, we will be learning all about stars, including their life cycles and how to find them. Ask me...

  • What the last stage of the star life cycle is!
  • Which constellation I can find using their star clocks.
  • Which planetarium show I saw.
On Tuesday, we will zoom out and look at our entire solar system Ask me...
  • What my favorite planet is.
  • If my group painted planets or made beaded bracelets.
  • How my planet flipbook looks!
On Wednesday, we will look at specific planets and their varying characteristics! Ask me...
  • How I measured the topography of Mars.
  • How I recreated Jupiter's bands in a cup!
  • If my volcano exploded!
On Thursday, campers will learn all about constellations and make their own! Ask me...
  • Which constellation I made out of LED lights.
  • How my 3-D constellation turned out.
  • What my planetarium show was about!
On Friday, we will focus all on space travel! Ask me...
  • How rockets work.
  • What we made ours out of.
  • How high my rocket launched into the sky!

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