Friday, July 14, 2017

Outdoor Explorers

On Monday, we practiced the basics for outdoor survival. Campers learned about the many different types of shelter that can be erected in the outdoors, then practiced making their own, smaller shelters that could withstand a windstorm (or in this case, a fan). 

We also practiced using compasses and tape measures, as well as compared a tape measure foot to our own feet!

Campers also learned and practiced how to tie different kinds of knots.

Day 2

Today, campers learned all about animals and what they leave behind in the wild. They looked a different animals tracks and tried to match them to the proper animal. They then chose a footprint to make a mold of. 

Campers also learned about animal scat. They saw and felt squishy replicas and tried to match the scat with an animal's diet. They added this information to their personal "Local Field Guide". 

Some groups went on a scavenger hunt for different types of animals (endangered, baby animals, etc) in our third floor exhibit area.

Day 3

Today, the rain held off and we got to go on a field trip to Nichols Arboretum! We met workers from the Matthaei Botanical Garden for a program on wetlands! We walked through the Arb and even got to splash in the Huron River while learning about our water source.

Day 4

Today, we had visitors from Our Global Kids teach us about things they could eat in the wild. Campers nibbled on herbs, berries, and even some cooked up bugs!


Campers also learned about different adaptations plants take on to survive in the wild, then made their own plants with adaptations.

They also collected leaves to press in their own plant press. They will be taking this plant press home so that their leaves will become fully dried and preserved!

Day 5

Today, we celebrate Friday by putting our newfound skills to use! Campers learned how to purify dirty water by using pebbles, sand, charcoal, and paper towel. 

Some groups worked on habitat murals of mountains and woodlands with great results!

Later, campers wrote out a secret message, then designed a vessel for it that could float. 

Thanks for another fun week!!

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  1. These are super cute pictures of some very curious kids! Thanks for all the great activities and fun.