Monday, July 10, 2017

Wild Adaptations Questions

This week we're learning all about animals and all the crazy adaptations they have! Here are some questions you can ask your children about what they did each day of camp...

On Monday we're learning about adaptations in general. Ask me about...

  • What two animals make up my venn diagram creature.
  • If I survived the natural selection game.
  • What kind of adaptation I would want!
On Tuesday we're learning all about the animals of the ocean. Ask me...
  • To put on my deep sea angler fish hat.
  • How deep can we find animals in the ocean. 
  • About the planetarium show!
On Wednesday we will be learning about camouflage. Ask me...
  • Why we shouldn't throw plastic bags in the ocean.
  • What we did at the stream table. 
  • To throw my flying dragon and watch it soar!
On Thursday it's all about mammals. Ask me...
  • Which monkey became the most common. 
  • What adaptations do nocturnal animals have.
  • What questions I asked the deep sea scientist over skype!
On Friday we're learning about habitats. Ask me...
  • Who won the desert relay.
  • What kind of animal I engineered.
  • What was the best part of this week!

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