Monday, July 3, 2017

Science Sampler Questions

This week we get to explore all the different sciences! Here are some questions you can ask your camper after each day...

On Monday, we'll be excelling in engineering! Ask me...
  • Whether my UV-sensitive creature was safe from the sun.
  • What did I make with the Keva planks.
  • If my marble successfully reached the target.

On Tuesday, we hope you have a great 4th of July! 
  • Enjoy the holiday and come back tomorrow to have some more fun!

On Wednesday, we'll see why geology rocks! Ask me...

  • To look at my Pangaea flipbook.
  • How we learned about plate tectonics using oobleck.
  • How geologists do core sampling.  

On Thursday, we'll be cooking up some chemistry! Ask me...
  • How we made heat sensitive worms.
  • How much iron did we find in cereal.
  • How many elements I know.

On Friday, we'll be flying with physics! Ask me...
  • The planetarium show we saw.
  • How I decorated my plane. 
  • What was the best part of camp!

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