Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 1: Out of this World!

Campers started off their week learning what it takes to be an astronaut! Going through mental and physical training, they used teamwork to survive a moon desertion and tried their hand at a real obstacle course. They also made code-breakers to help them answer questions about space. Lastly, they got to learn more about real astronaut training and take a quiz to see if they could be astronauts themselves!

Counselor Annie teaching about NASA
Working on their codebreakers 

Tuesday was all about Mars! Blue and Green groups had the chance to make their own Mars rovers while Red and Orange group had the chance to learn about Mars in the planetarium. Everyone also had a chance to make their very own Mars colony!

A Mars colony in the making

A Mars Rover ready to take on the north pole!

Red group getting ready for the planetarium

Wednesday we were ready to blast off! Campers got the chance to make their own bottle rockets that were then launched on Thursday (due to technical difficulties). They also got a chance to learn what living in space was like as well as the science behind how rockets work. 

Making pie charts to understand how astronauts use their time

Campers working hard on their rocket

Thursday campers got to finally launch their rockets! Not only that, they got to learn about the moon too! Green and Blue group took a visit to the planetarium and Orange and Red group got to make working rovers. Everyone also got the chance to make moon landers and see how high they could be dropped.

A rocket blasting off
Camper showing off this lander

Working on Mars rovers
The finished Mars rover project

Friday we got to learn all about aliens! Campers did an experiment with soil to see what we look for when we search for life on other planets. Orange group and Red group made alien bead key chains while Green and Blue group made their very own martians.

Watching soil reactions happen
A finished martian!

The beginning of beaded aliens
Categorizing aliens

Overall we had an awesome week learning about space!

Week 1: Archaeology Quest

Archaeology Quest!

Day 1

Today, campers started off their week by making Archaeology Lapbooks. Younger groups pasted the answers to archaeological questions in, while older groups discussed and wrote down the answers on their own.


Next, campers measured and set up their own archaeological mapping site, flagging and noting down the pottery pieces they found there.

In the archaeology gallery on the 4th floor, campers hypothesized about where an ancient knife was found based on contextual clues.

Day 2

Our oldest two groups, Orange and Green, spent the day at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. There, they received a tour and designed their own mythical monsters!

Meanwhile, Yellow and Red groups learned about Ancient Rome. They first designed then assembled Roman helmets.

Next, campers learned the play the ancient game of Rota, which is similar to Tic Tac Toe. 

Day 3

Today, the groups switched and Yellow and Red visited the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. There, they received a tour and designed their own mythical monsters!

Meanwhile, Orange and Green groups learned about Ancient Rome. They designed and assembled their own Roman helmets, and even got to try on a replica!

Next, campers learned the play the ancient game of Rota, which is similar to Tic Tac Toe.

Day 4

Today was all about Ancient Greece! Campers learned about Greek mythology and history through games and crafts!

First, they made their own mythical monsters based off of Greek myths.

Later, campers were up for the Broken Pottery Challenge. They went up against other pairs in their group to tape broken pots back together as quickly as possible. 

Campers in Orange and Green groups played the Digging Up Greece Board Game, where they answered trivia questions and traveled around Greece to gain points.

Meanwhile, campers in Red and Yellow groups played Ancient Greece Go Fish!

Day 5

On this rainy day, campers put their knowledge from the week to the test. They took notes on their own archaeological discovery in their journal with the use of scales and calipers. 

They then brainstormed different life events, and had other campers try to guess their order. This was connected to the importance of determining chronology in archaeological digs. Campers were then asked to remove a few events from their lists to represent the holes created by looters and destruction over time. 


Some groups also excavated a Roman bowl from clay and then tried to piece it back together. 

We also visited the Museum Store and recapped our amazing first week!! We are so excited for the rest of the summer!