Monday, June 19, 2017

Out of This World Questions

We are so excited to learn about space this week. It's going to be out of this world! Here are some questions to ask your camper at the end of each day!

On Monday, we are learning all about what it takes to be an astronaut. Ask me...
  • What kind of training astronauts go through. 
  • What are the essentials for living on the moon.
  • If I would want to work for NASA.

On Tuesday, we will be learning all about Mars. Ask me...
  • About the Mars colony I made.
  • What are some cool facts about Mars.
  • If I would want to live on Mars!

On Wednesday, we will be making and launching our own rockets. Ask me...
  • How rockets work.
  • What kind of decorations I put on my rocket.
  • How high my rocket went in the sky!

On Thursday, we will be learning about the moon. Ask me...
  • If I successfully landed on the moon with my lunar lander.
  • To demonstrate my rocket launcher.
  • What project was the hardest.

On Friday, we will be learning about the possibility of life out in space and make some cool aliens. Ask me about...
  • What kind of life signs we look for in soil. 
  • How I would classify different aliens.
  • What I loved most about camp!

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