Friday, June 30, 2017

Dinosaur Mysteries

This week we learned all about the mysteries of dinos!

Monday, we learned about the definition of a dinosaur and what their names mean. Purple and Green groups got to put together their own dinos while Yellow and Orange group made origami versions. They also learned about the difference between dinosaurs and reptiles with hands-on examples!

A green ankylosaurus in the making
An origami Spinosaurus

Showing off their origami creations

Making some new dino names
Who knew dinosaurs were so colorful?

Tuesday, we learned all about what dinosaurs looked liked. Campers got to look at our stegosaurus and learn about why it needed its back plates. Then they got to make their own! They also tried to figure out what dinosaurs looked like using just their bones.

A new dinosaur made out of different bones
A beautifully decorated stegosaurus

Stegosauruses hard at work!
Finding skeletons at the museum to bring back to life

On Wednesday, we learned about fossilization. Campers took a tour of our trace fossils and made some of their own footprints to be left behind. They also used figured out the stories behind dinosaur trackways. 

A camper comparing himself to a T-Rex footprint!
Figuring out some mysterious footprints

Animals ready to be fossilized
Making their own trackways
Playing some dino tag!

On Thursday, we learned all about the difference between carnivores and herbivores. They made clothespin dinos that could actually eat and casts of dino teeth. They also made lap books to show which dinos ate certain foods.

Showing off their clothespin dinos

These dinos are ready for 4th of July!

Making some tooth casts

Working hard on lap books

A completed lap book 
Putting together a dino puzzle

On Friday, they got to listen to (and see!) a dino book in the planetarium. They then got to put together their own T-Rexs to take home and even make habitats for them to live in.

Making habitats for their dinos
Putting the last bone in place!

A scary T-Rex all finished!

That was the end of Dinosaur Mysteries! It was a dino-mite week!

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