Friday, June 30, 2017

CSI: Ann Arbor

Day 1

 Campers practiced mapping out a crime scene and analyzed the evidence found there. They also discussed the importance of determining suspects and their motives when investigating a crime.

Later, Red and Yellow groups practiced and performed crime-themed skits for the rest of the campers, who took notes on what they observed and potential motives.

In their extra time, campers practiced their detective skills with online mystery activities.

They also played a Cops and Robbers-themed camouflage game in which campers hid around the second floor exhibits from the seekers on the third floor balcony.

Day 2

Today, campers learned all about DNA, and even put together DNA strands. Campers put together DNA strands with unit cubes that had different colors assigned to each nucleic acid. They then tried to put together entire DNA strands of people based on their hair and eye color, height, and dominant hand.

They then tried to match different DNA samples to samples found at a crime scene. Older kids tried to match long strands while younger kids glued strands together.

Some campers got even more creative with their DNA strands! 

Meanwhile, groups practiced crime scene chemistry. Groups tried to determine which of the mystery powders were found at a crime scene by comparing different substances' reactions to water and vinegar with the reaction of the control substance. 

Day 3

Today, campers learned all about the different ways to connect suspects with crime scenes. They first examined and inked their own finger prints .

They then practiced lifting fingerprints off of styrofoam and plastic by using the real magnetic fingerprint powder used by police. 

Yellow group made a footprint in the mud and filled it with plaster to demonstrate the ways in which police can gather information on potential suspects.

Campers investigated animal footprints to determine which animal appeared first and what happened based on the footprint pattern.

They then applied that practice with a mystery, having to determine which account of an evening was a lie based on the footprints left behind.

Day 4

Today we spent the day at the U-M Police Department! We were given a tour by Officer Butzky, who showed us police vehicles, gear, and even a holding cell!

Day 5

Today, campers had to put their CSI knowledge to the test! Yellow and Green groups worked to solve the murder of a museum staff member, John. Meanwhile, Red and Blue groups had to work on the mystery of the missing mammoth tooth, which went missing from the second floor hands-on drawer!

Younger campers investigated the theft of a fossil by mapping the crime scene, collecting evidence, and interviewing a witness. They had to determine the thief between the three suspects. 

Through handwriting analysis and the witness interview, the campers determined suspect 2, Jeanna, did it!

Yellow and Red groups mapped out their crime scene, collected blood and footprint samples to determine whether the death was an accident or murder.

They were able to determine the murderer was John's co-worker who wanted more office space! Nice job, campers!

Thanks to our crime-solving campers for another amazing week!!

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