Monday, July 31, 2017

I Dig Archaeology Questions

This week we're learning all about archaeology. Here are some questions to ask your campers each day.

On Monday we're learning about archaeologists. Ask me...

  • What are the steps of an archaeological dig.
  • What did my scientist look like.
  • Who won the archaeology olympics!
On Tuesday Red and Green group are going to the Kelsey museum. Remember to wear your camp shirts! For everyone else, ask me...
  • If we figured out the greek robe.
  • What ingredients make good fabric dye.
  • How I figured out stories with parts missing.
On Wednesday we're learning about artifacts. Ask me...
  • Whether I could put together the broken pot.
  • To see my rock art.
  • If I got all the garbage bags correct.
On Thursday Orange group is going to the Kelsey museum. Remember to wear your camp shirts! For everyone else, ask me...

  • If we figured out the greek robe.
  • What ingredients make good fabric dye.
  • How I figured out stories with parts missing.
On Friday we'll be doing archaeology! Ask me...
  • What did I find in the archaic campsite.
  • What does viking poo look like.
  • What was the best part of camp!

Nature Explorers Questions

This week will be learning all about nature!

On Monday, we will be learning about shapes in nature  Ask me about...
  • The shapes I saw on our nature walk. 
  • The binoculars I made. 
On Tuesday, we will be learning about trees.  Ask me about...
  • The parts of a tree I learned about. 
  • My tree costume I made. 
On Wednesday, we will be learning about animals  Ask me about...
  • The different different animals I saw on the 3rd floor and outside. 
  • The scat (poop) I saw (don't worry, it's not real!). 
On Thursday, we will be learning about rocks.  Ask me about...
  • The rocks I saw on the 2nd floor.  And what is the Michigan state rock?
  • The pet rock I made. 
On Friday, we will be learning about sounds in nature.  Ask me about...
  • The listening walk we went on and if I heard anything. 
  • The rainstick I made. 

Natural Science Extravaganza Questions

Happy Monday, camp families! Welcome to a week full of scientific learning! Each day of this week will be devoted to a different area of natural science. Here are some questions you can ask your campers at the end of each day to learn what they did each day!

Monday is paleontology day, so campers will be learning about dinosaurs and the creatures that lived with them Ask campers...
  • Which dinosaur they made a diorama for. 
  • Which fossils were the hardest to sort.
  • Which prehistoric period they would most like to visit.
Tuesday, campers will be taking a field trip to the Arboretum to learn about ecology with a program by Matthei Botanical Gardens. Please make sure you child has comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray!

On Wednesday, campers will learn about astronomy. Ask them...
  • Which constellations you could see in the sky tonight!
  • How I made a balloon rocket.
  • What I learned in my planetarium show!
Thursday is all about archaeology, so campers will be exploring past human behavior and artifacts. Ask them...
  • What they know about pennies.
  • What was found in Burnham house.
  • How they designed their own pot!
On Friday, campers will finish off their week learning about zoology! Ask them...
  • What a dichotomous key is.
  • Which animals I painted.
  • If I found all the Pokemon around the museum!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Nature Detectives

Monday began with a skype from a real marine biologist! Campers had the chance to ask all their ocean related questions. These ranged from "what's your favorite animal" to "what's an example of oceanic symbiosis". They are all on their way to being ocean experts!

Next campers took some time to learn about different endangered animals. Then they had to find a way to raise awareness about their chosen animal through a poster or craft.

To further their endangered animal knowledge, campers also played a board game together. 

Finally, campers had the chance to make Vaquita windsocks. Vaquita are small porpoises found off the coast of California and there's only 30 of them left! 

Tuesday campers learned all about how pollution affects our environment, especially when it comes to water. Campers began the day simulating a pipeline and learning about what happens when waste gets dumped in all at once. An example of this is when everyone goes to bathroom during halftime when the super bowl is on!

They also solved the mystery of the Cholera outbreak!

Later campers got to see to what happens to fish when pollution occurs. Freddie the Fish wasn't looking too good by the end of it!

Finally, campers simulated an oil spill and had to figure out the best way to clean it up. Surprisingly kitty litter works pretty well!

Campers spent the day in the Arb on Wednesday! They played a game of camouflages, looked at trees, and spent time collecting things for their impressions on Thursday.

They also had a chance to make houses in the fairy garden!

Wednesday, campers learned all about plants! The leaves they picked up at the Arb were used to make clay impressions. 

They also identified unknown leaves by using dichotomous keys. 

Finally, they made their own wetland models that water can be poured on at home!

Friday, campers started the day off by painting their leaves.

They also spent some time on the third floor answering wildlife riddles.

More mysteries were solved in the carnivore crossroads game. Different footprint scenes were displayed and campers had to figure out what was happening!

Lastly, they role played being birds and found out how their lives were affected when different situations occurred. 

We had a lot of fun learning all about nature this week!

Paleontology Rocks!

Day 1

On Monday, we introduced geologic time and the formation of fossils! In one activity, campers put various geologic events in order, to gain perspective on how recently mammals and humans appeared! They then compared different timelines to each other.

We also made a geologic time spiral craft that they can take home and hang to see a more abbreviated timeline.

Campers then learned about Pangea and the reason similar fossils are found in different places.

Finally, campers put together a fossil formation demonstration using bread and gummy worms smashed together with heavy books. They will go back to it tomorrow to extract core samples from within.

Day 2

Today, campers learned more about fossils and saw some up close! They got a look into our hands-on drawer and saw some awesome stuff!

Campers also learned about amber and its ability to easily preserve things. They then polished their own amber rocks, which they took home with them.

Later, campers learned about some commonly found fossils, and painted casts of them.

They also looked back at their fossil formation demo they made the day before to see how pressure affects things buried under ground.

Day 3

Today, campers learned about the creatures that lived before the dinosaurs. They saw pictures and fossils of trilobites, then made their own trilobite masks!


Older campers then made a trilobite model, which required some intricate folding!

Campers also went on a prehistoric life scavenger hunt on our 2nd floor, searching for animals A-Z.

Day 4

Today, we focused on everyone's favorite: dinosaurs!! Campers chose a dinosaur to color and put together! Some campers chose to give their dinos more dimension by taping them to toilet paper tubes, while others added brads to make them move!

Campers also played an extinction board game, where they had to protect their species from disappearing!

We also spent time in the planetarium to watch a movie about how the dinosaurs died, which campers loved!

Day 5

Today, campers learned all about the animals that lived after the dinosaurs. They played in our dig box and excavated Ice Age animals they then created dioramas for!

Some campers played a memory game to better learn their Ice Age animals!

Campers then toured our Bristle Mammoth exhibit, seeing the mammoth's skull and ribs. The exhibit also shows how huge the mammoth was alive, and hypothesizes the human interaction that mammoth probably had. Campers then looked more closely at the environment in which they lived. Some looked into stereoscopes to see mammoth hair.

Thanks for another fun week at camp! We hope campers had as much fun as we did!