Friday, July 7, 2017

Science Sampler

We sampled all of the sciences this week!

On Monday, we became engineers! 

Campers constructed shelters that had to block all sun rays to keep their light-sensitive creatures from turning colors.

Later, they had to work as teams making mazes to guide their marbles to a target.


In their free time, they also had the chance to make unique structures using just wooden blocks.  


On Wednesday, we became geologists!

Campers got play with oobleck to learn about the mantle and how the crust is able to over one another.

They also made Pangaea flipbooks to watch how the world has changed over 190 million years! 

On Thursday, we became chemists!

Campers got the chance to see iron from pieces of cereal.

They also got to make worms using calcium chloride which reacts with a liquid to make strings!

Finally, learning the periodic table became fun by making it into a game of go fish.

On Friday, we became physicists!

Today was all about flying which meant campers got to see a planetarium show about planes. They also got to make their very own wooden plane to fly around.

They also got to make helicopters that twirl down!

Finally, campers also spent some time learning about circuits and successfully made their own.

All in all, it was a fun week learning about science!

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