Friday, July 13, 2012

Zoology Adventure 2

Our second week of Zoology has been a great one! We even had some animal visitors this week!

Look at that beautiful fish!
Monday was all about ocean life. We drew a blue whale to scale with sidewalk chalk outside, so we could get an idea of just how large it is! We also had a set of cards with pictures of mystery sea creatures. After listening to the story, we  matched the cards with the descriptions and learned about the ocean’s diverse life. 


On Monday, we also made ‘Hanging Japanese Fish’ by cutting out circles of aluminum foil and construction paper to create scales and gluing them to our paper fish. 

Working on our fish!

On Tuesday, we had a special visitor. Francie came to the museum from the Leslie Science and Nature Center to show us some birds of prey. We saw a  kestrel, a red tail hawk, and a snowy owl! We also learned about special bird beak, talon, wing, and color adaptations and created our very own bird.
Francie telling us about the snowy owl.

Building our birds.

Wednesday we learned about desert animals. We created a special wheel to show us which desert animals are diurnal and nocturnal and discussed special adaptations both types of animals have to be awake during either the day or night. We also had a relay race in which we mimicked desert animals such as a sidewinder, golden mole, camel, and kangaroo!

Coloring our desert wheels!

On Thursday we went to The Arboretum. While we were there we wore special bingo cards that had the names of plants, animals, and special places in The Arboretum and marked off the things we saw. We also played a game called “Oh Deer”. In this game, some of us were deer and some of us were resources. We had to find the resources we needed to survive and learned that often times many animals are competing for the same limited resources. 
Cooling off at The Arboretum.



Friday we had a special visitor come talk to us about reptiles. We saw milk snakes, a limbless lizard, and a tortoise! We also discussed  the difference between the skin, eggs, and color changing abilities of reptiles and amphibians, and made a frog using paper plates and party blowers. 

Catalina and the Michigan Milk Snake.

Pueblo Milk Snake


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