Friday, July 20, 2012

Archaeology Quest 1

Our first week of Archaeology camp has been great! We have been exploring many ancient civilizations and even got to visit another museum on campus!

Classifying the items from the "doohickey" kits!
On Monday, we explored the excavation process by gridding our own Archaeology site. We learned about how archaeologists locate artifacts within a site by dividing it up into grid units, and how the locations of artifacts can help us determine their use. We also did some classification activities! We classified artifacts from a mining camp and from a "doohickey" kit. Classification helps archaeologists to determine the relationships between objects and the culture they belonged to.

Sketching the gridded site.
Classifying the items from our "doohickey" kits!
Making a grid of our dig site!
Learning about mummies at the Kelsey Museum!
On Tuesday, we took a field trip to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and talked about Egypt. We saw a mummy presentation, where we learned about the mummification process and the importance of preserving bodies in Egyptian culture. Then we took a tour of the gallery and made our very own Hieroglyphic scrolls!
Learning about mummies at the Kelsey Museum.
Charlie's name in hieroglyphics.

Making our hieroglyphic scrolls.

On Wednesday, we saw a Planetarium Show about the stars of the Egyptian pharaohs. Then we learned about and built the Great Pyramid of Khufu!
Roni's group putting together their pyramids.

The finished product!!

Finding different mythological "monsters" on the scavenger hunt!
On Thursday, we braved the art fair and went back to the Kelsey Museum, but this time we learned about Ancient Greece! First, we saw a Greek Mythology presentation where we learned about the Greek gods. Then we went on a Scavenger Hunt in the galleries and saw all sorts of “monsters” from ancient civilizations! Finally, we ended our visit by making Medusa headdresses.
Making the Medusa headdresses.

The discuss throwing event.
On Friday, we participated in our own Greek Olympics, complete with a Javelin (Straw) Throw, Long Jump and Chariot (Wheelbarrow) Race! Then we learned about Greek Pots and designed our own.

The straw Javelin throw.

Miles running for his team in the "race in arms" relay race.
The relay race!
The wheelbarrow chariot race!

Zaynah and her beautiful Greek Pot!
Looking at traditional Greek Pots while designing our own!

We had a great week learning about archaeological processes and ancient civilizations, and are excited to see some budding junior archaeologists!

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