Friday, July 6, 2012

Zoology Adventure 1

We had a great week at Camp Explorations learning about animals and the places where they live!

On Monday, we examined the skins and skulls of several animals. By looking at the teeth and other special features we were able to determine whether they were carnivores or herbivores. We also made our very own food web by drawing Michigan animals and tossing yarn to one another to see the connections. 

Making their Michigan Food Web

Tangled in the food web

Nice and warm with the Blubber Glove

Tuesday, we tested our polar skills using a blubber glove. We stuck our hand in ice water without the glove then with the glove to demonstrate this special adaptation.  

Rebecca coloring her penguin
 We also discussed the differences between Antarctic and Arctic animals. Did you know that polar bears and penguins don’t live together? At the end of the day, we made paper plate penguins to take home!

Look at that penguin's head!

Emily's group playing Animal BINGO!
On Thursday, it was raining so we could not make our trip to the Arboretum.  Instead we stayed inside and made animal masks and learned about camouflage.  We even made our own Bingo cards for "Animal BINGO". 

Measuring Theo's "wingspan.
Friday, we held an Animal Olympics. During the Olympics we tried to hop as far as an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, gather as many seeds as a Deer Mouse, see how far our "wingspan" was like the Bald Eagle, and open our jaws as wide as an Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake!

Theo helping Eli on his habitat.
Lucas and his habitat.

We also created habitat dioramas for various animals.
Octavia and her habitat.

Ruthann and her habitat for her alligator.

Nathan and his habitat for his lion.

Sadie and her winter habitat.

Lots of sunshine and grass for the giraffe.

It was HOT today and campers got to cool off with a Popsicle at snack.


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