Monday, July 23, 2012

Archaeology Quest 2

We are so excited for our sixth week of camp, and hope you are too! You can use this blog to follow some of the camp happenings going on at the Museum and beyond. Please be sure to check the blog again on Friday to see some pictures from the week!

Here are some suggestions of what to ask your children about at the end of each day!

            Ask me about how archaeologists determine out how old artifacts are.
Ask me about the time capsules we made!
            Ask me about the Roman Soldier presentation we saw at the Kelsey Museum.
            Ask me about the game of knucklebones we played!
Ask me about John and Lisa, two U-M Museum of Anthropology archaeologists who talked to us today!
            Ask me about the “grave goods” we looked at.
            Ask me about what we saw on our tour at the Kelsey Museum!
            Ask me about the cylinder seals we made.
            Ask me about the rock art we made!
            Ask me about the tools used to hunt mastodons.

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