Monday, July 25, 2016

Wild Adaptations Questions

Welcome to Wild Adaptations at the Museum for morning session this week.

On Monday, the campers will learn all about adaptations animals have.  Ask me about...
  • My Cootie Catcher I made.
  • The bingo game that I played.
  • The slime that I played with!
On Tuesday, its all about deep sea animals.  Ask me about...
  • The styling goggles I made.  Why is everything blue?
  • How I could shrink a Styrofoam cup.
On Wednesday, the campers will learn about nocturnal animals. Ask me about...
  • Our Owl visit from the Leslie Science & Nature Center.
  • My black velvet mystery painting.  What appears when you shine black on it?
On Thursday, the campers will learn about prehistoric animals. Ask me about...
  • My tour on the 2nd floor!  What animals did I see?
  • My Triceratops mask that I made.  What adaptations does the triceratops have?
Finally on Friday, the campers get to become scientists and conduct experiments of their own.  Ask me about...
  • My Skype session with a real deep sea scientist!  What questions did we ask them?
  • What strawberry DNA looks like.  How did we separate the DNA from the strawberry?

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