Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Science Sampler Questions

We have a fun week ahead of us exploring various science topics! From chemistry to physics, we are covering it all! Here are some questions you can ask your camper to engage them at home.

On Tuesday, our theme is chemistry. Ask me about...
  • What the mystery powder was and how we figured it out!
  • What ingredients we mixed together in a bottle to make "elephant's toothpaste," and what happened.
  • How we made our own bouncy balls.
On Wednesday, our theme is nanoscience. Ask me about...
  • What my name looks like in binary code.
  • Surface area, and whether antacid tablets dissolve faster when they are whole or broken into small pieces.
On Thursday, our theme is engineering. Ask me about...
  • The pollution we put in our model city, and how it spread across the city.
  • What helped me to build a taller card house.
  • The skyline paintings we made, and how we made them.
On Friday, our theme is physics. Ask me about...
  • The roller coasters we made. 
  • The planetarium show we saw about flight. What did we learn about the physics of flight?

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