Friday, July 15, 2016

Dinosaur Mysteries Questions

Week 5 has started off great! We are looking forward to a week of looking into the past. Unlike other paleontology and prehistory camp themes, this Dinosaur Mysteries session will focus on using our problem-solving skills to make hypotheses and conclusions about dinosaurs and prehistoric life.

On Monday, we are learning about dinosaur size. Ask me about...

  • How we used grids to create life-size drawings of two dinosaurs.
  • What kind of dinosaur I drew in the Roll a Dinosaur game
  • If I can outrun a dinosaur!
On Tuesday, we will explore dinosaur diets. Ask me about...
  • What we learned about dinosaur food webs.
  • The dinosaur teeth that we saw, what they looked like, and what they ate.
  • What kind of dinosaur I selected for my dinosaur diet diorama, and what that dinosaur ate.

On Wednesday, we will talk about the dinosaur time, and when they lived. Ask me about...
  • What era and periods of time dinosaurs lived during.
  • The Mesozoic murals that we made. What kind of landscape did we illustrate?
  • The dinosaur sort game that we played, and what are some examples of animals that lived before, at the same time as, or after dinosaurs.

On Thursday, we will solve some fossil mysteries! Ask me about...
  • Dinosaur footprints, and what kind of footprint mysteries we solved!
  • What kind of evidence we looked at to determine if a dinosaur died or if it was killed.
  • What kind of animal we think we dug up when we were working as paleontologists.

On Friday, we will wonder "Where did the dinosaurs go?" and learn about the evolution from prehistoric to modern-day dinosaurs. Ask me about...
  • Which body features are shared between dinosaurs and birds, and why scientists believe birds evolved form dinosaurs.
  • The extinction theory story squares we made, and what theories exist for why dinosaur died out.

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