Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Digging Up the Past Questions

This week in the morning sessions, campers will become paleontologists and archaeologists and learn what these scientists do in real life!  Here are some questions you can ask your camper to engage them at home.

On Tuesday, we will learn about the process of archaeology. Ask me about...
  • What artifacts I found in our Midden dig site!  What tools did I use?
  • The difference between archaeology and paleontology.
On Wednesday, we will learn cool new things about dinosaurs, and have a tour of the Museum. ask me about...
  • Which dinosaurs I saw in the Museum today!  What fossils did I get to see?
  • My Tyrannosaurus Rex hat that I can wear.
  • What I learned about dinosaur footprints
On Thursday, we will take a trip back in time to the Ancient Civilizations.  Ask me about...
  • The planetarium show I saw today.
  • What message I wrote using Hieroglyphics.
  • How many books my Ancient Greek building could hold up.
On Friday, it's all about Paleontology.  The campers will get to dig in a real dig site, and might even get to take something home. Ask me about...
  • Our dinosaur dig site.  What did I find?
  • How animals become fossils. What game did I play to show me this?

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