Monday, July 11, 2016

Space Explorers Questions

Welcome to week 4 in the morning, Space Explorers!  This week campers will travel around the our solar system (and beyond!) and visit planets in our solar system.  Here are some questions you can ask your camper to engage them at home.

On Monday, we will learn the order of our planets in the solar system. Ask me about...
  • What I saw in my planetarium show!  Which planets did I visit?
  • The mnemonic I came up with to remember the order of the planets.
On Tuesday, we will learn about how humans explore space.  Ask me about...
  • My space diorama that I made.
  • The secret message from space that I decoded.  How was the message sent? How did I decode it?
  • What training I did today to prepare for space travel.
On Wednesday, we will build space vehicles and learn all about vehicles used for space exploration. Ask me about...
  • My rocket that I built today.
  • My lunar orbiter that I made today.  What equipment did I need for my space missions?
On Thursday, it's all about moons.  Ask me about...
  • My painting with moon dust.
  • What I learned on my Grand Tour of Jupiter's moons.  Which moon is my favorite?
  • My moon settlement that I created!
On Friday, we will end the week with learning about rockets.  Ask me about...
  • Our experiments with antacid tablets and water.
  • How our rocket launches went!  How high my rocket went?

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