Monday, July 18, 2016

Emerging Engineers Questions

Week 5 at Camp Explorations has begun.  Welcome to the morning session, Emerging Engineers!  This week the campers will challenge their spacial thinking skills by engaging in fun engineering challenges, games, and crafting activities.

On Monday, we will learn who engineers are, and what they do.  Ask me about...
  • What kind of engineer I should be.  What did my quiz say about this kind of engineer?
  • What I did with HexBugs!
  • What was in my Engineering Mystery Bag Challenge.
Tuesday is all about electrical engineering.  Ask me about...
  • What I built using snap circuits. 
  • What kind of fruit I used to power a light bulb!
  • The difference between a parallel and series circuit.
On Wednesday, we will learn about mechanical engineering.  Ask me about...
  • The roller coaster I built!  How long was is?
  • My crash test car.  How did I improve my design?  Did my egg survive the crash?
The activities on Thursday tower over all the others... literally! Today is all about structural engineering.  Ask me about...
  • How tall I built my newspaper tower.  What structure tips did I use to make it sturdy?
  • (Older) My sumo bot!  What did I do with my sumo bot, and what is it made out of?
  • (Younger) What I made pop out of my pop-up card!
On Friday, we will end our week by learning about robotics.  Ask me about...
  • Which engineering challenges I could complete.  Which challenge was my favorite?
  • (Older) How my sumo bot battle went.
  • (Younger) What I built in Junior Robotics! What noise did it make?

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