Monday, July 20, 2015

Wild Adaptations Questions

Our afternoon theme this week is wild adaptations!  Here are some questions to ask your campers to keep them engaged even after they've left camp for the day.

On Monday, we are learning about what adaptations are.  Ask me about...

  • How adaptations help animals
  • The adaptation stations we explored
  • The fish I created
On Tuesday, we are learning about aquatic creatures.  Ask me about...
  • Hagfish slime
  • My deep sea anglerfish hat
  • How I dressed like a beaver
On Wednesday, we are learning about predators and prey.  Ask me about...
  • The glowing ostracods
  • What I found in my owl pellet dissection
  • My deep sea goggles
On Thursday, we are learning about nocturnal animals.  Ask me about...
  • The animals we saw from the Leslie Science and Nature Center
  • Some common features of nocturnal animals
  • How bats use echolocation
On Friday, we are learning about extreme animals.  Ask me about...
  • My super sense animal
  • The animal Olympics

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