Monday, July 13, 2015

Environmental Explorers Questions

This week in our morning session we are exploring ecology!  Here are some questions to keep your camper engaged even after they head home.

On Monday, ask me about...

  • My biome in a bag!
  • My scientist trading card
  • What makes an ecosystem
On Tuesday, ask me about...
  • My painted snake!
  • Our Marsh Munchers game
  • Why it's important to protect wetlands.
On Wednesday, ask me about...

  • Our visit to the arb!
  • My homemade field guide
On Thursday, ask me about...
  • How land use can affect water quality
  • Examining an ecosystem with our collected river water.
  • Our "Who Dirtied the Water" Game that examines different kinds of pollution
On Friday, ask me about...
  • Our "Macroinvertebrate Mayhem" Game
  • The watershed we built!
  • What watershed I live in

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