Monday, July 20, 2015

I Dig Archaeology Questions

This week's camp digs into archaeology.  Here is a list of question that can keep your camper engaged even after they head home.

On Monday, we're learning about archaeologists. Ask me about...

  • What an archaeologist does, and some of the tools they use.
  • My "Draw an Archaeologist" challenge and what I think a scientist's work space might look like
  • The archaeology quizzes we took

On Tuesday, we're learning about underwater archaeology. Ask me about...

  • Our trip to the Kelsey (if I'm in Red or Orange group)
  • The boat I built while we talked about underwater archaeology
  • Our game of underwater archaeology battleship

On Wednesday, we're learning about Michigan archaeology. Ask me about...

  • The Burnham House Archaeology site
  • The atlatl I made, and how native michiganders hunted mastodons
  • The basket or pouch I wove

On Thursday, we're learning about learning from artifacts. Ask me about...

  • Our trip to the Kelsey (if I'm in Blue or Yellow group)
  • How archaeologists describe their artifacts
  • What system of measurement do archaeologists use

On Friday, we're learning about the archaeology process. Ask me about...

  • Our mystery cemetery
  • How archaeologists grid a site
  • How archaeologists sift through a site

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