Monday, July 6, 2015

Emerging Engineers Questions

This week in our afternoon session we are exploring engineering!  Here are some questions to keep your camper engaged even after they head home.

On Monday, ask me about...

  • My index card tower!
  • My suspension bridge and how much weight it can hold
  • The shelter we
  •  built

On Tuesday, ask me about...
  • My space exploration vehicle
  • My stomp rocket mission

On Wednesday, ask me about...
  • My alternative soda can holder
  • Why bubbles pop when they touch things
  • My car built from spare parts

On Thursday, ask me about...
  • The K'NEX race car my group built
  • The slingshot car I made and different types of energy
  • My racer made from recycling

On Friday, ask me about...
  • The toy we built!
  • The Washtenaw Enginnering for Kids workshop we attended (either Sumo Bots or Junior Robotics).

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