Monday, July 27, 2015

Natural Science Extravaganza Questions

We're having a Natural Science Extravaganza this week in the afternoon!  Here are some questions to ask your campers to keep them engaged even after they've left camp for the day.

On Monday, we are learning about paleontology.  Ask me about...

  • My wooden dinosaur.
  • The food chain game.

On Tuesday, we are learning about the human body.  Ask me about...

  • The pulse activity.
  • The parts of the brain.

On Wednesday, we are learning about space.  Ask me about...

  • The planetarium show.
  • My sun catcher.

On Thursday, we will be going to the Arb.  Make sure to pack sun screen, bug spray, a water bottle, and have your camper wear their blue camp shirt and good walking shoes.  Ask me about...

  • My trip to the Arb.
  • The resources animals need to live.

On Friday, we are learning about water.  Ask me about...

  • Water density.
  • How water has to be shared in communities.

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