Thursday, July 2, 2015

Science Sampler

We've had a blast with our Science Sampler session here at Camp Explorations!  This week we learned about a new branch of science every day and got a taste for each one.

Converting energy 

Monday's theme was physics, so campers learned all about movement, energy, and much more!  Campers discovered how energy can be converted into different forms, designed and tested parachutes, and learned about oobleck.

Playing with Ooblek
On Tuesday we learned about chemistry.  We made "boo bubbles" with dry ice and tested out properties of bubbles.  Campers made bubble wands to try out at home, too!  You can even make your own super bubble solution!  Blue and Yellow groups also tested to see if there was water on planet Zork.  Ask them how they knew which of the samples was water!
Testing out bubble solution.
Holding dry ice bubbles

"Powers of Ten" game
Wednesday was all about Nanoscience.  Green and Red groups read Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who!, and made themselves Horton-size ears.  We learned how many nanometers we are, and learned about the size of other objects in nanometers with a fun game.  Lastly, campers made stained glass windows.  Ask them why we learned about these on nanoscience day!

Classic art meets pop culture.
A beautiful stained glass.

Horton-sized ears!

Our last day of Science Sampler was about engineering.  Campers created buildings step-by-step to make them as resistant to earthquakes as possible.  Ask your camper how they did it!  They also built Lego cars and tested them for speed and distance.  Finally, Campers discovered how electricity works and tested out circuits and conductors.

Potential energy

Kinetic energy

Red group and their engineered vehicles

We had a blast this week and we hope you did, too!

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