Monday, July 6, 2015

Dinosaur Detectives Questions

Our afternoon session this week is all about dinosaurs!  Here are some questions to ask your campers to keep them engaged even after they've left camp for the day.

On Monday we are answering the question, "What is a fossil?"  Ask me about...

  • The process of permineralization.
  • How we can determine what dinosaurs may have looked like.
  • The fossil I made.

On Tuesday we are answering the question, "What's for dinner?"  Ask me about...

  • The prehistoric predator/prey relationships I learned about.
  • What we can learn by looking at an animal's teeth.

On Wednesday we are solving some Fossil Mysteries.  Ask me about...

  • The fossil trackways we found and what we can learn from them.
  • The puzzles we put together.
  • The fossil I examined.

On Thursday we are answering the question, "Is that a dinosaur?"  Ask me about...

  • The "rules" of being a dinosaur.
  • The pterosaur I made.

On Friday we are answering the question, "Where did all of the dinosaurs go?"  Ask me about...

  • The extinction game I played.
  • My Archaeopteryx flyer.
  • The living dinosaurs I observed.

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