Friday, July 12, 2013

Science Extravaganza 2

It was another spectacular week at the Museum of Natural History’s Science Extravaganza Camp!! Each day had a different theme and we learned new and exciting things about all kinds of science! Monday was paleontology and we all earned our junior paleontologist badges by completing our paleontology workbooks and doing a scavenger hunt on the second floor of the museum!  We also made plaster casts of trilobites to take home with us!

 Patient campers waiting for their casts to dry.

Counselors helped us fill our plaster molds.

Working to become junior paleontologists!

So excited to have earned our badges!

On Tuesday, we learned all about insects.  We got to act out how different kinds of insects move in an outdoor six-legged relay race!  Some of us made butterfly mobiles, while others of us counted and observed the insects living in the museum’s own backyard.  We also got to see the world through the eyes of an insect, and look at different butterfly wings!

Moving like insects for our relay race!

Wednesday was Zoology day!  We learned all about herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians.  After looking at various herpetology specimens, like turtle shells and frog skeletons, we got to go through hands on stations to learn more about the differences between reptiles and amphibians and feel representations of their different kinds of eggs and scales versus slime.   We also got to paint our own wooden snakes to take home!

Herp Specimens

Campers with the awesome insect they found outside during pickup!

On Thursday we learned about astronomy.  We learned about many of the different constellations and learned how to point them out in the night sky.  The highlight of the day was making our own space helmets that helped us read special messages!

Friday we learned about Earth Science and got to start our very own rock collection!  We also learned about how we use rocks and minerals in our everyday lives.  Finally, we made our own volcanoes and set them off in a big eruption!
Building our volcanoes

Looking at rock specimens

Learning how minerals are used in everyday objects
It was a fantastic week at camp and we are excited to see old and new faces at Paleontology Camp next week!!  

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