Monday, July 22, 2013

Archaeology Quest 2 Questions

Monday, June 22
On Monday we will talk about underwater archaeology and stratigraphic layering.

Ask me about how we dug up the underwater artifacts, and what kind of tools we used! How is this different from digging in dry ground?

Ask me about the layering activity we did using books and coins. How is this like the layering we see in the ground?

Tuesday, June 23
On Tuesday we will take a field trip to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology for an Ancient Art activity.

Ask me what kinds of ancient art we saw and what civilizations it came from!

Ask me what my favorite part of the Kelsey Museum was.

Wednesday, June 24
On Wednesday we will talk about Egypt. We are learning about what the archaeologists found in King Tut's tomb, making pyramids, and writing hieroglyphics on papyrus sheets.

Ask me what kind of treasures I put in my Egyptian pyramid!

Ask me what I wrote in hieroglyphics and what the symbols mean.

Thursday, June 25
On Thursday we are taking another field trip to the Kelsey Museum, this time to learn about the Ancient Olympic Games.

Ask me what kind of ancient Olympic games we learned about. Are they similar or different from the Olympic sports we have today?

Friday, June 26
On Friday, we will be taking a tour of the 2nd floor and looking for old artifacts. Then we will pretend to be archaeologists 1,000 years in the future who discover artifacts from today. We will have to investigate and come up with ideas of what they may have been used for. Our culminating activity for the day will be an archaeology dig where we have to grid, map and dig up artifacts and then analyze them.

Ask me about the oldest object we found in the Museum!

What kind of artifacts did we find in the archaeology dig?

What kind of artifacts from today did we analyze, and what do we think they were used for?

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