Monday, July 15, 2013

Archaeology Quest 1 Questions

Monday, July 15
Ask me about the model cross-sections we made, and how it represents what archaeologists dig up!
Ask me about the archaeological site we had to map and what kind of artifacts we found!

Tuesday, July 16
Ask me about the Roman Soldiers activity we did at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology!

Wednesday, July 17
Ask me about the U of M Archaeologists we talked to and what kind of things they showed us.
 Ask me about the pottery we painted and what kind of symbols and illustrations we put on them!

Thursday, July 18
Ask me about the Archaeology Dig we did at the Kelsey Museum!

Friday, July 19
Ask me about the Planetarium Show we saw about Native American tales related to the night sky!

Ask me about the artifacts we had to analyze and what we thought they were used for.

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