Monday, July 22, 2013

Paleontology Rocks 2 Questions

Monday, July 22:
On Monday we will talk about the dinosaur record holders found in our museum and learn the rules of what makes something a dinosaur.

Ask me how long the longest dinosaur was!
Ask me the four rules of being a dinosaur!

Tuesday, July 23:
On Tuesday we will learn what happened after the dinosaurs went extinct and talk about species like whales and mastodons.

Ask me what kinds of resources living things need in order not to go extinct.
Ask me about whale ancestors.

Wednesday, July 24:
On Wednesday we will learn about what existed before the dinosaurs.

Ask me about trilobites!

Thursday, July 25:
On Thursday we will look for dinosaurs all throughout the museum.

Ask me about the film strip I made!
Ask me about the ABC scavenger hunt on the second floor of the museum!

Friday, July 26:
On Friday we will learn all about fossils.

Ask me about the strata cup I excavated!
Ask me about some of the real fossils I got to touch!

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