Monday, July 29, 2013

Ecology in Your Backyard 1 Questions

Monday, July 29
Monday we are talking about ecosystems and what types of animals live in them.

Ask me about what kind of ecosystem I illustrated on my poster!

Ask me about the habitat game we played, and what kind of animals live in which ecosystems!

Tuesday, July 30
On Tuesday we will talk about watersheds and water quality. We will do activities to help us understand how water flows and why pollutants are dangerous.

Ask me how we built our model watershed, and what kind of pollutants we introduced to the water flow. Where did these pollutants come from?

Ask me about the stream sampling activity we did, and how we measured macroinvertebrates in the stream to assess the water quality.

Wednesday, July 31
On Wednesday we are taking a field trip to the Arboretum and doing a bird behavior scavenger hunt.

Ask me what types of bird behaviors we saw!

Thursday, August 1
On Thursday we will talk about flowers, specifically the flowers growing in our Butterfly Garden!

Ask me about the different parts of a flower and what each part does!

Ask me what types of flowers I put in my Butterfly Garden Field Guide!

Friday, August 2
Friday will be all about animal and ecosystem diversity and the impact of humans on habitats, with a special craft for the Butterfly Garden!

Ask me about the diversity game we played, and what we learned about how animals have adaptations that help them survive in their environment!

Ask me about the shrinking habitat game we played, and what kind of resources disappeared when the developers showed up?

Ask me what kind of designs I put on the stepping stone for the Butterfly Garden!

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