Monday, July 8, 2013

CSI: Ann Arbor 2 Questions

Monday, July 8
Ask me about the crime scene that we had to document! What kind of evidence did we find?

Ask me about the Police Officer that came and talked to us about crime scene investigation!

Tuesday, July 9
 Ask me how investigators use insects to solve crimes.

Wednesday, July 10
Ask me about the animal tracks we looked at, and how we analyzed what had happened.
Ask me about the Mammalian Headgear we looked at!

Thursday, July 11
Ask me what we learned about hairs and fibers, and how they can be used to solve crimes!

Ask me about the hair strand model we made!

Friday, July 12
Ask me about the crime that we had to help Museum staff and the Ann Arbor police solve! What kind of tools did we use to figure out who the criminal was?

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