Friday, July 26, 2013

Paleontology Rocks 2

We had a blast learning all about dinosaurs, fossils, and prehistoric life at this week of camp: Paleontology Rocks!  On Monday, we learned the rules of what makes something a dinosaur, and also got to see the museum’s record holders for largest, smallest, fastest and smartest dinosaurs!  We got to compare ourselves to the lengths of different dinosaurs, and also started our very own dinosaur sculptures!

Taking a look at T-Rex's skull!

Tuesday was all about life after the dinosaurs, and we learned about a few post-dino creatures like whales and mastodons.  We also learned about dinosaur extinction and what sorts of things animals need to survive. 

Checking out the Maiacetus cast!

Playing the extinction game!

Testing our dinosaur knowledge with the dinosaur clever catch.

On Wednesday we traveled far back in time, taking a tour of the “Life Through the Ages” exhibit on the second floor.  We learned about trilobites, an early marine invertebrate, and some of us made trilobite masks, while others made trilobite models.  We also got to uncover trilobites from mud!
Getting a bit messy to uncover our trilobites!

Thursday was all about looking for dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures!  We did an ABC scavenger hunt on the second floor and put together dinosaur puzzles.  We made film strips of snapshots from the last 54 million years, and also painted our dinosaur sculptures from Monday!
Searching the second floor for scavenger hunt clues!

On Friday we learned about fossils.  We made stratigraphy tubes and and excavated fossils from strata cups to learn about what kinds of fossils are found in which layers of rock.  We also played a game that took us through the many steps and millions of years it takes for something to become a fossil.
Excavating fossils out of our strata-cups

Playing a fossil game!

Learning more about stratigraphy and making stratigraphy tubes!

It was a great week of camp for all of us!  We hope to see new and old faces next week for Amazing Animals!

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