Friday, July 5, 2013

Science Extravaganza 1

It may have been a short week, but we were not short on fun at this week's Science Extravaganza camp!  Monday was all about dinosaurs, and we made our very own stegosaurus back plates and spent the day looking awesome!  We also took a tour of the dinosaur exhibits on the second floor, learning about how different dinosaurs adapted to promote their survival.

Passing around a cast of an allosaurus claw!

On Tuesday, we learned about zoology.  We got to know the museum better by doing a scavenger hunt of the third floor, which focuses on Michigan wildlife and ecology.  To learn about camouflage, we played a game where we were the “birds” and had to find as many “worms” as we could on different color backgrounds.  We also built model habitats!

Wednesday was a super exciting day: we took a field trip to the arb!  While we were there, we got to act out water molecules in each of the different states, and learn about how much water is on our planet.  We also got to play some games and hang out by the river! It was a great day.

On Friday, we were excited to be back after having Thursday off for the holiday, and finished the week strong with astronomy day!  We got to see a planetarium show, learn about stars and constellations, and make our very own star finders!  We also decorated and assembled our own cloud climbers!

We learned a lot about science this week, and can’t wait to come back next week for more Science Extravaganza!

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