Monday, July 29, 2013

Amazing Animals 1 Questions

Monday, July 29:
On Monday we will learn all about habitats.

Ask me about the camouflage mural I made with the other campers, and how I made my insect blend in with the habitat!

Ask me about the habitat diorama I made!

Tuesday, July 30:
On Tuesday we will take a trip to the arb (weather permitting).

Ask me about playing Oh, Deer!

Ask me about my favorite part of the filed trip!

Wednesday, July 31:
On Wednesday we will learn all about birds.

Ask me about the live birds I saw from Leslie Science and Nature Center!

Ask me about some of the obstacles that birds face in the wild.

Thursday, August 1:
On Thursday we will learn all about nocturnal animals.

Ask me how bats use echolocation.

Ask me what other kinds of animals are nocturnal.  

Friday, August 2:
On Friday we will learn about animal adaptations, endangered species, and animal tracks.

Ask me about the plaster cast of an animal track I made!

Ask me about why some animals are endangered.

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