Monday, August 8, 2016

Paleontology Rocks Questions

We are excited to spend a week exploring the wondrous world of dinosaurs and so much more!  We have some exciting activities planned to help campers step into the role of Paleontologist. Here are some questions to ask your camper at the end of each day.

On Monday, we are learning about fossils. Ask me about:

  • How fossils are formed!
  • What kinds of fossils we looked at today, and how did we analyze them?
  • The claw and tooth molds that we made- what kind of dinosaur did mine come from?
On Tuesday, we will learn all about different kinds of dinosaurs. Ask me about:
  • The Maiasaura nest we made!
  • The 4 rules about being a dinosaur.
  • The Walking with Dinosaurs game we played- what kind of dinosaur was I, and what kind of life did I have?
On Wednesday, we will explore geological time scales. Ask me about:
  • The geological event cards we looked at, and what order they went in.
  • The time period dig we did. What kind of animals did my group dig up, and what time period were they from?
  • How long different geological processes take. Is it faster for an earthquake to happen, an intrusive igneous rock to crystallize, or a supercontinent to break up and reform?
On Thursday, we will talk about life before and after the dinosaurs. Ask me about:
  • The special visit we got from a marine scientist who helped us dig up fossil ocean animals!
  • The Life Through the Ages exhibits we saw. What did Earth look like before the dinosaurs, and what sorts of animals lived then?
  • The whale evolution activity we did. What did primitive whales look like compared to modern whales, and when did they live?
On Friday, we will talk about the process of preparing excavated objects to be on display at museums. Ask me about:
  • The dinosaur dig we did,. What kind of dinosaur skeleton did I uncover?
  • What kind of exhibit display I made for my exciting fossil discovery!
  • How we practiced identifying and cataloging fossils.

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