Monday, August 15, 2016

Outdoor Explorer Questions

Welcome to Outdoor Explorers for the final week of camp!

On Monday, we will learn about shelters and knots you can use to build a structure! Ask me about...
  • How many people fit in my shelter. Which shape was the most sturdy?
  • My paracord bracelet that I made!  Ask me how long is the paracord bracelet unfolded, and how much weight it can hold.
  • Which knot is my favorite!
 On Tuesday, we will learn about outdoor survival skills.  Ask me about...
  • What I learned during our stream table program.
  • My compass that I made! We won't get to take them home until Friday, because we'll use them at the Arboretum!
On Wednesday its all about plants and animals.  Ask me about...
  • Which plants I can eat!  Which plants should I avoid?
  • Which plants and animals I decided to put in my field guide.
  • Which animal footprint I made a cast of.
On Thursday, we will continue our outdoor survival skills. Ask me about...
  • What I learned about Archery with the Our Global Kids program.
  • What I learned about maps.  What information do I need to include on a map?
On Friday, we will take a trip to the Arb, and put all of our skill we learned this week to the test!  Ask me about...
  • How my compass worked in the Arb!  Which way is north?
  • The plants and animals I saw in the Arb.
  • The game that we played in the field!

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