Monday, August 1, 2016

Nature Detectives Questions

Our seventh week of camp has begun with some exciting nature detective work! This week we will be using our problem solving and critical thinking skills to learn all about nature. Here are some questions to ask your camper at the end of each day:

On Monday, we will learn about animals. Ask me about:

  • The backyard clue cards we looked at. What sorts of animal tracks did we see and what did we think they were doing?
  • Scat and tracks. What kinds of animal scat did we learn about, and what animal track mold did I make?
  • What we learned about camouflage, and how I created an animal that was camouflage in a Michigan habitat.
On Tuesday, we will explore habitats. Ask me about:
  • The bear game we played and what we were trying to collect in order to survive as bears.
  • The wetland models we made! How do wetlands help absorb water run-off from land?
  • Staking a claim, and how my group decided what kind of habitat to claim based on what kind of animal we were.
On Wednesday, we are taking a field trip to the Arboretum! Ask me about:
  • The scavenger hunt we did, and what kind of nature items we looked for.
  • If we saw any scat or tracks at the Arb.
On Thursday we will focus on plants! Ask me about:
  • How we used plants to make watercolor paints.
  • The leaf identification activity we did, and what qualities we looked for in leaves to determine what tree it came from.
  • How we acted out the different parts of a tree, and what part I was!
  • For Yellow and Orange group: What things we saw in the butterfly garden while playing Butterfly Garden Bingo.
  • For Red and Purple group: What Fibonacci patterns we saw in nature items.
On Friday, we will talk about pollution. Ask me about:
  • What currents we saw as we watched a blue ice cube dissolve in warm water.
  • What materials worked best to clean up our oil spill.
  • What kind of futuristic animal I made, and how it has adapted to its environment.

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