Monday, August 8, 2016

Natural Science Extravaganza Questions

Welcome to Natural Science Extravaganza in the morning session of camp!

On Monday, we will learn about zoology.  Ask me about...
  • What habitat I created for my animal dioramas. In what kind of environment is this animal usually found?
  • Which animals I found in our Animal Scramble game.
On Tuesday, its about ecology, and we'll take a trip to the Arboretum! Ask me about...
  • What kinds of plants and animals I found.
  • What sort of ecosystem the Arboretum is.
  • What my favorite spot in the Arb is!
On Wednesday, we'll take a trip to the past and learn about archaeology. Ask me about...
  • What shipwreck we uncovered.  What happened to the ship? How did it sink?
  • What kinds of tools archaeologists use.
  • What the difference between a paleontologist and an archaeologists is.
On Thursdays, we'll blast off into space and study the stars!  Ask me about...
  • What my planetarium show was like.  How many constellations can I remember?
  • If the moon really rotates.  How does it do that?
On Friday, we'll take a look at some prehistoric animals and learn about paleontology.  Ask me about...
  • What I found in the dig box!
  • What periods did the dinosaurs live in?
  • What dinosaur did we assemble into an exhibit?

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