Monday, August 15, 2016

Best of Camp Explorations Questions

Our first day of Best of Camp Explorations is off to a great start, and we are excited for a week full of Camp Exploration's most popular activities! For some insight into what we are doing at camp everyday, here are some questions you can ask your camper.

On Monday, we will learn about zoology. Ask me about:

  • The bugs we caught (and then released!) with our bug catchers and what we learned about them!
  • The Oh Deer game we played, and how it showed us what deer need in their habitat.
  • The crafts we painted- did I make a bird or a snake? 
On Tuesday, we will focus on physical science. Ask me about:
  • How we worked in groups to design rockets using 2L bottles.
  • The snap circuits we explored, and what kind of circuits we created.
  • The bouncy balls that we made from scratch!
On Wednesday, we will be taking a field trip to the Arboretum! Ask me about:
  • The parachute games we played.
  • The nature scavenger hunt we did, and what we looked for!
  • The insect relay race we played.
  • If we saw any neat wildlife or plants while we were there.
On Thursday, we will travel into outer space for astronomy day! Ask me about:
  • The space helmets we made, and how they helped us decode secret messages or pictures.
  • How high our rockets went when we launched them!
  • The Star Talk planetarium show we saw, and what we learned about the night sky.
On Friday, we will learn about paleontology. Ask me about:
  • The amber fossil slime we made!
  • What we saw on the dinosaur/prehistoric animal tour in the Hall of Evolution.
  • The animal excavation we did, and what kind of ice age animal I uncovered.
  • What kind of habitat diorama I made for my ice age animal.

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