Thursday, July 3, 2014

Science Extravaganza 1

We've had an exciting, albeit short, week here at Camp Explorations!  Our daily themes for Science Extravaganza Week 1 included dinosaurs, astronomy, animals, and geology.

On Monday, we learned about dinosaurs.  Each camper made a model Stegosaurus and learned about one of its predators, Allosaurus, as well as other dino predator-prey relationships.  Campers learned more about individual dinosaurs by playing bingo and making a timeline of some of the dinosaurs that we have here at the museum.

Working diligently on their Stegosaurus models!

Learning about Sanajeh and its prey.

We explored space and astronomy on Tuesday.  Campers busted some common black holes myths.  See if they can help you answer these questions.  They also learned tested out their astronaut skills and discovered how difficult it would be working in space.  Make sure to ask to see your camper's space diorama!

Working on their astronaut skills.

Some of the great space dioramas!

On Wednesday, we walked to Nichols Arboretum!  We had a great time walking around and searching for animals.  Everyone even enjoyed a refreshing popsicle once we got back!

Looking for some animals on our scavenger hunt.

Enjoying some popsicles after our long hike!

On our final day, we learned all about geology.  We had a visit for Western Michigan University's CoreKids program.  They taught us all about different minerals and some cool facts about them!  We also made our own "mineral" mosaics and went on a scavenger hunt for common minerals.  Ask your camper to show you some that you may have at your house!

Our program with CoreKids.
Testing out some minerals.
Checking out some Michigan fossils.
Making mosaic masterpieces!
We had a fantastic week of camp and we hope your camper did, too!  We hope to see you around the museum again!

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