Monday, July 21, 2014

Paleontology Rocks 2 Questions

We're excited to learn about paleontology this week!  You can check this blog to follow camp events, both at the museum and beyond.  Please be sure to check again on Friday for some photos from the week!

Here are some suggested questions for you to ask your camper this week:

On Monday, we will be learning about the geological time scale.
Ask me about our walk in the Diag!
Ask to see my geological time scale spiral!

On Tuesday, we will be learning about dinosaurs.
Ask me about the dinosaur I named!
Ask me what happened to all of the dinosaurs!

On Wednesday, we will be learning about fossils.
Ask my about my T. rex or Spinosaurus tooth cast!
Ask me how fossils are formed!

On Thursday, we will be learning about herbivores and carnivores.
Ask me about gastroliths (stomach stones)!
Ask me about dinosaur adaptations!

On Friday, we will be learning about life after the dinosaurs.
Ask me about my favorite Ice Age animal!
Ask me about the Mastodon extinction game!

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