Monday, July 7, 2014

CSI: Ann Arbor 2 Questions

We're excited to learn about crime scene investigation this week!  You can check this blog to follow camp events, both at the museum and beyond.  Please be sure to check again on Friday for some photos from the week!

Here are some suggested questions for you to ask your camper this week!

On Monday, we will be learning about observation and evidence.

Ask me about our witness experiment.
Ask me about handwriting analysis.

On Tuesday, we will be learning about physical evidence.

Ask me about our "mystery powders" experiment.
Ask me to show you my own impression evidence (shoe print).

On Wednesday, we will be taking a trip to UMPD!
Ask me about my trip!

On Thursday, we will be learning about forensic anthropology and fingerprints.

Ask me about dusting for latent prints.
Ask me about our bone puzzle challenge.

On Friday, we will be investigating our own mock crime scene!

Ask me about who did it and how I knew!

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