Friday, June 27, 2014

Space Explorers 2

We've had another great week at Camp Explorations!  We explored different parts of space every day and were even able to go into the planetarium!

On Monday, we learned all about stars.  Using our bodies, we acted out the life cycle of a star and learned about what happens to stars after they've died out.  We discovered which stars are our “birthday stars” (stars whose light are the same age as us) and also made our own cootie catcher star finders! 
Acting out the life cycle of a star.  Fast-moving "atoms" make for blurry pictures!

Yellow group drew pictures of some common constellations.

Showing off his star finder.

Seeing telescopic photos of a stellar nebula.

Tuesday’s theme was the Moon.  Groups saw a planetarium show and made scale models of the Earth and Moon.  We brainstormed what types of objects would be best to have if we crash landed on the Moon and learned about the phases of the Moon.  Be sure to ask your camper to show you the Moon phase memory game they made!
Some campers testing out their new "Moon phase memory" game.

Debating on what the most important resources would be for a crash landing!

Very excited campers making earth and moon scale models!

We focused on meteorites and asteroids on Wednesday.  Groups played a game to learn about the differences between meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites and explored how craters are formed and what affects their size and shape.  Lastly, we took a fun quiz on asteroids, comets, and meteors.  You can take it here:  Ask your camper to help you answer the questions!
Doing the quiz; this group answered 8/9 questions correctly!

Playing the "Meteorites Space Rocks!" game!

Making craters with different types of "asteroids."

On Thursday, we focused on the solar system.  Campers saw another planetarium show, this time about our solar system and the planets.  Everyone made their own pocket solar system models to take home.  We were even able to take a short walk to the Diag, where we created a solar system model with our bodies and learned about rotation, revolution, and the order of the planets.
Bringing the solar system to life!

Working hard on his pocket solar system.
Our last day at camp was especially exciting!  Campers learned all about the different types of rockets and worked in groups to make their own water rockets.  At the end of the day, we all set them off!  It was a spectacular end to a great week at camp.  
Careful construction

Ready for liftoff!

How high will it go?

We had such a wonderful time, and we hope the campers did, too!  We hope to see you again here at the museum!

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