Monday, June 23, 2014

Space Explorers 2 Questions

We're excited to learn more about space this week!  You can check this blog to follow camp events, both at the museum and beyond.  Please be sure to check again on Friday for some photos from the week!

Here are some suggested questions for you to ask your camper this week!

On Monday, we will learn about stars.
Ask me about the life cycle of a star!
Ask to see my star finder!

On Tuesday, we will learn about the moon.
Ask me about the planetarium show!
Ask to see my moon phase memory game!

On Wednesday, we will learn about meteorites and asteroids.
Ask me about when we made craters!
Ask me about the 'Space Rocks!' game!

On Thursday, we will learn about the solar system.
Ask me about the planetarium show!
Ask me about our human solar system!

On Friday, we will learn about rockets.
Ask me about the rockets we made!
Ask me what my favorite part of camp was!

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